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Heterotrophic bacteria are the first to develop on a sand bed. Heterothrophs are simply bacteria that use organic compounds for their carbon source. Just like you Newbies, they chow down on just about anything that is placed in front of them. When the compound is something like a protein, that contains nitrogen, some of that nitrogen is excreted as ammonia. This of course is toxic to fish and invertebrates.

There is another group of bacteria, called autotrophs, that get their carbon directly from carbon dioxide. As an energy source they oxidize ammonia to create nitrite and nitrates. The problem with autotrophs is they do not grow nearly as fast as heterotrophs (the only thing slower is that Newbie mind of yours) and it takes time to seed a UGF with sufficient numbers to do much good. Usually it takes 7-10 days for enough nitrifying bacteria to populate a filter and allow it to convert ammonia to less toxic forms. It is interesting that there is a large debate on which bacteria actually accomplish nitrification in an aquarium. Candidates are, but not limited to, Nitrosomonas, Nitrosococcus, Nitrosospira, Nitrobacter, Nitrosovibrio, Nitrosolobus, and Nitrospina. No matter what the genus is involved, the heterothrophs produce the ammonia and carbon dioxide on which the nitrifying bacteria live so they form a close association with them in the filter media.

I have a rx volume of 1 l and a flow of 1500 l/h in it

Next Reef has come out with a new specialized reactor for NP Biopellets, or similar biodegradable medias.

The SMR1 NP holds 1 liter of np biopellets and a suggested flow rate of 350 gph

. The input and output sizes have been pumped up to 5/8″ (compared to 1/2″ in the MR1 media reactor) for less restriction, and the unit includes a mounting bracket for clean sump installation. Keep an eye out for an XL model. It will feature the same size as the MR1 XL–23″ tall and 6″ in diameter.

Next Reef SMR1 NP Biopellet Reactor – MSRP $109.99

Height: 16″ Overall Height / 14″ Reaction Chamber (405mm / 355mm)
Width: 6″ Overall (150mm)
Reaction Chamber: 14″ x 4″ (355mm x 100mm)
Inlet / Outlet: 5/8″ 90 Degree Barb Fittings


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