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Tropic Marine BIO-ACTIF Salt 

Tropic Marineから販売されているBio-Actifの人工海水の素。DOCが意図的に入れられており、使用するにはプロテインスキマーが必要とされている。下の記述はこの塩の開発に関わったHans-WernerさんがRCにコメントつけたものです。

By Hans-Werner
I just want to show up some facts. The book of Sorokin on Coral Reef Ecology is the scientific book on coral reefs I like best because of its multitude of facts and because it brings them in context.
On page 66 Sorokin states that the content of reef water in organic C is around 1 to 3 ppm. The carbon content of starch is ca. 44.4%. If all the organic carbon over the reef would be starch or similar substances there would be 2.25 to 6.76 ppm in the reef waters. Why shouldn´t it be a good idea to add organic substances that for sure can be found in reef waters in significant amounts? In my eyes we have added something that was lacking in synthetic sea salts and not something additional in comparision to natural reef waters.

As you know for the measuring of organic carbon we would need special technology which we don´t have. The addition of organic carbon through feeding depends on the kind of feed and the amount that is fed. For example it seems to me that granular fish food does not contribute much to DOC. Besides this feed also add nitrogen and phosphates which speed up the degradation of DOC.

In the reefs there is DOC and POC that is more readily degraded by nearly any kind of bacteria and other that is only degraded by specialized bacteria with the necessary enzymes. We tried to support the latter ones. The introduction and initial support of this specialized microbiology is in my opinion one of the most important functions of live rock.
By Hans-Werner
I am convinced that a better understanding of the dissolved organic substances will be a big progress for reef keeping and maybe also for the understanding of the natural environment and maybe we can make some people curious to take a closer look on it.

Finally all this doesn´t matter. We tried something and it did work and we made the same observations that are described in this thread, polypextension, better colors, clearer water, so it seems a good improvement and a good innovation to us. Now it is up to the reef aquarists to decide whether it really is an improvement and a good innovation.


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